What can I do if my credit card was declined?

When a credit card gets declined, there may be a variety of reasons. Whenever the cause is known to us, we will display it in the app when you try to subscribe to a paid plan. The most common causes are routine security blocks, insufficient or limited funds, or an expiration.

Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, we will only receive a generic rejection code from the bank displayed via our payment provider ( Stripe).

Whenever our payment provider tries to charge your card, the bank of the cardholder decides whether or not to accept the payment. The decision of whether to accept payment or not is taken automatically based on a variety of signals and parameters. The decision process is however not known to us nor our payment provider.

The good news is, that the majority of declines are just temporary and can typically be resolved with a quick text, email, or call to your card issuer or bank. If using a business-issued credit card please contact your accounts department as additional spending limits could be in place.

Please feel free to contact us if you believe the rejection is in error and we will attempt to get more information.

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