What can I do if my credit card was declined?

When a credit cards gets declined, a variety of reasons can be the cause. Whenever the cause is known to us, we will display it in the app when you try to subscribe to a paid plan. Some examples include problems with the expiration date, not enough money on the card,

In a lot of cases we just get a 'Card Declined' though from our payment provider ( Stripe).

Whenever our payment provider tries to charge your card, the bank of the card holder decides whether or not to accept the payment. The decision whether to accept a payment or not is taken automatically based on a variety of signals and parameters. The decision process is however not known to us nor our payment provider.

The good news is, that the majority of declines are just temporary. In other words, a declined card works very often if you just wait a couple of hours or days.

This is why we automatically try to charge your card again after a couple of days in case of a failed payment for your subscription. 

If you are at the end of your free trial and you can not upgrade to a paid plan, don't worry. Just contact us by e-mail and we will extend your trial until the payment got accepted.

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