Why is SuiteCRM is not receiving webhooks?

One common issue our users experience with the SugarCRM integration is the following: The webhook integration works when tested manually, it fails however when webhooks are sent out automatically for new incoming e-mails.

The reason for that is the following: We are using multiple servers for creating and sending webhook requests. This means that the server which created the session with SuiteCRM is not necessarily the server which sends the webhook request.

How do I know if this is happening? 

Go to the details of one of your parsed e-mails, navigate to 'Webhooks' and then click on the last webhook request. In the bottom, you'll probably see something like this:

How can I resolve the issue?

The issue can be resolved easily by setting the variable 'verify_client_ip' to 'false' in the configuration file of your SuiteCRM installation. If you don't know where you can find the configuration file, have a look here.

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