Are there any limitations for the Google Sheets integration?

The intended use-case for our Google Sheets integration is the following: You receive e-mails containing one or a few data sets. The parsed data gets then copied to Google Sheets and creates a couple of new rows in your spreadsheet. If you have this scenario, the Google Sheets integration will work perfectly fine to convert PDF to Google Sheets and you should not expect any issues.

Another use-case that we see from time to time is the following: users parse CSV or Excel file attachments and want to transfer hundreds of data rows to a Google Sheet for each e-mail. This means that we need to send hundreds of requests to the Google Sheets API for each e-mail.

This use-case is possible in theory, there are however limitations in place at the moment. The maximum number of webhooks per e-mail is set to 2000. This means that you can not have more than 2000 rows per e-mail. 

Furthermore, the maximum number of rows a Google Spreadsheet can hold is 2 000 000. In case you are handling hundreds of rows per e-mail, your Google Spreadsheet will fill up quite fast. We've also discovered an easy way to send emails from Google Sheets.

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