Why is my parsed data not showing up in Google Sheets?

In rare cases, the following situation can occur with our native Google Sheets integration: You mapped all data fields in our app, however, only some columns are populated in your spreadsheet with parsed data.

The cause of this is typical because of the headers on the Google Spreadsheet you are sending the data to.

A good example screenshot is shown below:

* Note - The columns in the Google Spreadsheet you are mapping your data to should only be simple headers, (only letters and numbers). For Example: No, Item Code, Amount, and Quantity, as seen above are good.

Characters like . - _ $ , * etc... For Example: No. Item Code# Description- Unit Price $ Amount $ will not work for the integration. Also, having column headers starting with a number will not work.

An integration that will not transfer the data from your parser to your spreadsheet is shown below, special characters that cause failure "circled".

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