Is there a quicker way to create parsing rules?

There basically two ways to speed up the creation of email parsing rules:

  1. User our Quick Setup Wizard
  2. Take an existing parsing rule as a blueprint

The first option works great if you are dealing with simple machine-generated e-mails which follow a typical <label>: <value> pattern. The Quick Setup Wizard will be presented to you right after creating your inbox. If you want to launch it later, you'll find a button top right of the parsing rules list.

If the Quick Setup Wizard is not returning any usable results or if you just want to add another parsing rule, you can also choose to duplicate one of the existing rules. All you need to do is to hover over one email parsing rule in the list view and click on "Duplicate". You can even copy parsing rules to other inboxes. This way it becomes easy to maintain one blueprint and reuse it for different inboxes:  Once your new rule is created, click on "Edit" and make some necessary adjustments. In a lot of cases, all you need to change is the "Search for" a term that defines the start position of your data field.

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