How do I import old emails to my inbox? really shines when new emails are sent to your inbox automatically (read more here). This way you have a fully automated business process that processes new incoming emails in real-time.

However, most of the time you already have lots of old emails sitting in your email account which you also want to import. This is something you typically do in the beginning when you are just starting with

Importing old emails is easy and several methods are available depending on the email client you are using.

Forward old emails as .eml attachments

This method is by far the easiest. All you need to do is to send a new email to your inbox to which you attach your old emails as .eml attachments. 

If you are using Apple Mail, just select the emails you want to import to, then click right and choose "Forward as attachment".

Please note: To ensure that all your emails end up in your inbox, please send only a couple of hundred emails at a time. The number on how many emails you can import in one batch depends on their size. As a rule of, your new email containing the attachments should not exceed 8MB.

Forward old emails individually

This method only works with certain email clients and is a bit more complicated to set up. The advantage is however that once set up, you can use it for importing thousands of old emails.

Please read our  Outlook as an email client, blog article to learn more about sending old emails to your account. If you use, Gmail, the Forwarding emails from Gmail articles will be very helpful.

Upload a batch of .eml files directly 

For our higher-tiered subscription customers, we offer the possibility to directly upload .eml files into the app. The feature can also be enabled for free trial accounts and lower pricing tiers in case you just want to import a batch of old e-mails once.

A button can be found in the upper right corner of the e-mail list indicating 'Import .eml files'. You have then the possibility to drag & drop or select or your .eml files from your hard drive.

We also published a blog article on how to export e-mail to eml with directions for various e-mail clients.

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