How can I send my data to works great in combination with which opens up countless integration opportunities. The idea is simple: each time we receive a new email we will parse it according to the rules you defined. Once this is done, we will push the parsed data immediately to your Zapier account. From there one, you can push the data to more than 750 different apps. For an update version of this article please go here.

If you want to push your data to, follow these simple steps:

  • Create a new "Zap" in the Zapier application
  • Select "" as the trigger (on the left) with the action "New Email"
  • Select any kind of target which you like on the right
  • Zapier will guide you from then on and provide a webhook URL to you
  • Create a new Zapier Integration (Webhook Integrations > Add New > Zapier Integration)
  • Copy the URL Zapier gave you and paste it as a target of your new webhook
  • Save your webhook and send some test data to Zapier
  • You should now see your data fields in Zapier and you can map them as needed

Save the zap and you're done! Each time you send a new email to your inbox it will be parsed instantly and the results pushed to Zapier.

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