What to do if my emails don't show up?

After sending your emails to your @mailparser.io address, it should take around 1 - 2  minutes until they show up in your inbox.  As a rule of thumb, it takes around one minute until we receive them and another minute until your data gets parsed.

However, in some cases it can happen that the first batch of emails you send to us gets delayed - this delay can be anything between 30 minutes to several hours. Most of the time, the delay is due to so-called greylisting anti-spam filters.

The way greylisting works is to temporarily reject any emails from an unknown sender. Once an email got rejected, a correctly configured sender (your server) will try to send the email again after 30 minutes. This time, the greylisting filter already knows the sender, and the emails should go through. This method reduces spam emails dramatically because a normal spammer would not try to resend the email.

This delay will just occur on the first batch of emails and should not be persistent. In case you experience such a delay, please come back to your account later and check if the emails arrived in the meantime. 

Please note that the delay will not occur once mailparser.io accepted your first emails. As written above, a normal delay should be around two to three minutes until your emails are parsed.

Another facet of our import process is our proprietary import filter which strips many HTML and URL elements upon import. Sometimes emails can be dropped due to not having complete SMTP headers or by having strange HTML formatting - when customers run into this we recommend that they send their emails through automatic forwarding to an approved email sender, like Outlook or Gmail:


Please feel free to direct any other issues importing emails to support@mailparser.io for a prompt investigation and reply.

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