Can I forward the email attachment files with my parsed data?

Mailparser does not currently have any options for uploading attachments, however, we can provide a link to the files on our server that will be available for the length of your inboxes data retention period (30 days by default).

This is the URL in the attachment metadata, and this can be sent via webhook or included in a zap and sent to a cloud storage option such as DropBox or OneDrive, or Google Drive using Zapier which can automatically resolve that URL. Take a look below at the instructions for how to parse this URL.

1. Set the Data source of the parsing rule to “ Attachment” Supported files: 'HTM','HTML','CSV','PDF','DOC','DOCX','TXT','XLS','XLSX''XML', '.zip' (.zip files has a limit of 15 files inside)

2. Then select the file content as " Meta Data"

3. You will then have a final output with 4 columns. You can further isolate only the URL column by selecting "Add Cell Filter > Set Column Range" and selecting Fix Start/End and Keep columns #3 to #3

The final result will then contain only the file URL that can then be included in a webhook and resolved and downloaded to the end point.

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