How to schedule downloads of your download link files to cloud storage solutions

Mailparser does not have a native way to download the parsed data results from a download link to cloud solutions. However using Zapier it can be possible to accomplish this. Below you will find the steps to take to create this automation.

1. Create your download link within your Mailparser inbox. Instructions on how to do that can be found here

2. Navigate to Zapier at the following link to use the trigger for "Schedule by Zapier"

3. Search for the app you would like to connect
4. Once selected ou will navigate to the Zapier page where you will select the trigger schedule for Zapier and the action you would like to take. In the example below a file will be uploaded daily to Dropbox. 

5. The next step will be to select the time of day you would like this to trigger. Once selected click Save and Continue, Test trigger, and Continue.

6. You will then need to complete the Action step. Here will already show you the Action Event as established in an earlier step to Upload File - click Continue. You will need to select/connect your Dropbox account.

7. Once connected you will then establish the file that will be updated. Select the location folder you would like it to upload to, and then in the File field you will paste in the URL from your Mailparser Download Link.

8. Next you can choose to rename the file from the File Name field - by default it will use the same file name as the download link.

9. Select Save and Continue and activate your Zap!

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