Can I modify the timezone of a parsed date field?

Mailparser allows you to easily parse date fields from the body text of your email. Once isolated, you can refine the date field with our Date Formatting feature. 

This means you can rewrite something like "Thursday, 16th of April at 2pm" into for example "2015-04-16 14:00:00". Most of the time you want to do this if you send your parsed data to another program and the other program needs to understand the date format. The fields for "Received At" and "Processed At" are already in such a "machine readable" format.

You can now directly modify a timezone in the parsing engine with the format dates filter, once isolated:

Zapier also offers a function to alter date fields:

If you download your data as an Excel file, you can alter the timezone directly inside Excel. Have a look to get an idea how this works:

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