How to normalize a postal address

When parsing data from emails you'll often come postal addresses. Often these addresses can come in many different formats and it can be necessary to "normalize" the address in order to be able to download, or send via webhook that information in the correct format.

The first step to normalize the address will be to isolate the full address from the email data - if you need assistance in setting that up you can learn about setting up parsing rules at the following page:

Once you have isolated the address the final step will be to add the filter for Normalize Postal Address - this is found under "Refine Parsed Results"Once added what you will see is the address is now in a table format - this will be 1 row of data with at least 8 columns when the output is selected as Common fieldsBy hovering over each of these columns you can identify what they are, in the example above they are as follows:


Once you have added this filter and are happy with the results you can then save your parsing rule by selecting "OK, LOOKS GOOD" and saving.

If you are downloading this information you will see in your download each of the columns above separated in that output, when working with any integrations you will be able to match each of the above columns separately to different fields.

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