Can I add multiple users to my account?

Yes it is possible to add multiple users to one Mailparser account. This feature is a beta feature and so you must request access in order to use it. 

To create a request to enable this feature you can contact us directly via email at, or you can also use the Support Widget at the bottom right corner of the app once logged-in:

Once enabled you can locate the Team settings by clicking in the top right corner of the app on Account > Team or using the link below.

To add a new user simply select on the button from Teams page. Enter the new user's information, create a password and save.

Please be advised that Account team members can do everything the parent account can do with the exception of:

  • Change the subscription
  • Change the payment method
  • Change billing details
  • Change invoice destination
  • Change the account timezone
  • Delete the account
  • Add/manage team members
  • View invoices

We do not recommend team users work within the same parsing rules at the same time as this can result in overriding of the filters, or in some cases logging out of the users.

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