How to find and extract phone numbers

If you are looking to extract one or multiple phone numbers from within your email - whether that is the body, headers, or attachments of emails follow the steps below. 

First choose the Data Source of the data - this can be the Subject, Body, Attachment or Headers of the email - in the example below it is the BODY of the email.

If there is only one email address in the content of the email you can then simply add in the filter for Find Entities > Find Email Addresses

This will find any phone numbers within the entire original content of the email - if there are other phone numbers within the content you do not want to extract, then before applying this filter you may want to add in a start position and end position filter to isolate the area of the email where the required phone number is located. Once the Find Phone Numbers filter is applied you will see a table returned with the phone number data.

This filter can also be used as a way to properly format phone numbers in the way you require before sending through integrations webhooks by selecting from the format options.

Standard Format (E164) is +XXXXXXXXXX
National Format is (XXX) XXX-XXXX
International Format is +X XXX-XXX-XXXX

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