How to filter attachments by name pattern

When looking to parse from the attachments of emails it can often be necessary to use the "Filter by name pattern" option if your email contains multiple attachments of the same file type.

To do that first select the File Content you are looking to extract (Table Cells or Text) Then Filter by Type - this is where you choose the attachment type, PDF, TXT, XLS Etc.

Once those are selected you can then enter your file name pattern - in the below example I have 3 XLSX attachments - each of these follow a different naming pattern, one for Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

For the name pattern the consistent value of the name should be included and an asterisk character can be used for a wildcard value within the name. This would look as follows for each of these files


Once you have established the pattern simply paste it into the field within the parsing rule:

You will then see the Result after filter change to the file with the name you have established.

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