How to use the filter "Keep Table Section"

The Keep Table Section filter is a good way to define the beginning and ends points for a table you are looking to extract. To add this filter click "Add Cell Filter", "Remove, Select & Insert" then "Keep Table Section".

The Keep Table Section filter provides four main modes; "Section Starts & Ends Where ..." which allows you to define the beginning and endpoints based on either data structure or a specific line of text (example image below). "Fixed Row Range" is useful for highly structured tables where the row count will remain the same - this can be used to define a specific row number for the beginning and end of a table. "Crop Rows from Beginning & End" is useful for clipping any header and footer rows that may not be part of the core table. "Keep First / Last [X] Rows" is used to define X number of rows either from the beginning or end of the table.

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