What filters are available in Mailparser?

Mailparser has a range of filters available for both text-based outputs and table outputs that provide a versatile way of both extracting and refining results. Below is a full table of filters for both output modes.

Text Filters

Available when using a text-based preset or when converting a table output to text.

Filter   Category Description
Define Start Position   Set Start & End Position For defining a keyword to mark the beginning of your data.
Define End Position   Set Start & End Position For defining a keyword to mark the end of your data.
Search & Replace Text   Replace, Remove & Insert Used to search for simple text or Regex search and replace actions.
Remove Lines & Entities   Replace, Remove & Insert Removes all lines containing no text data.
Remove Blank Spaces   Replace, Remove & Insert Remove trailing, multiple, or all blank spaces from a parsed result.
Insert Text   Replace, Remove & Insert To insert a string of text at the beginning or end of your parsed result.
Email Addresses   Find Entities Lists all email addresses present with the email.
Phone Numbers   Find Entities Automatically collects and displays all phone numbers (supports international).
Links (URL & Title)   Find Entities Automatically collects and displays all URLs within the email.
Tracking Numbers   Find Entities Automatically extract tracking numbers for a range of common shipping companies.
Categorize by Keywords   Find Entities Return a predefined value for any keywords provided.
Word Count   Find Entities Used for returning the number of words in an output.
Get Tables from HTML   Extract Tabular Data Extract the HTML table from the email with a single filter.
Parse CSV Data   Extract Tabular Data Parse any CSV style or delimited table.
Parse Repeating Text Blocks   Extract Tabular Data Extract blocks of data based on structures.
Find Repeating Text Value   Extract Tabular Data Extract repeating text values that occur throughout an email.
Parse XML Data Extract Tabular Data Use XPath to target extract nodes from an XML file or XML-filled email.
Set Default Value Refine Parsed Results Outputs a predefined value if no data is found.
Format Dates Refine Parsed Results Extracts only dates and provides the capability to convert to other date formats.
Normalize Postal Address Refine Parsed Results Parses addresses into a column structure (Street, City, Postal code, etc).
Change Capitalization Refine Parsed Results Allows for Capitalized Case, all lower or all UPPER.
Split First & Last Name Refine Parsed Results Split the first and last names into separate columns.

Table Filters

Mailparser's table filters are available when using any of the filters from the Extract Tabular Data category.

Filter   Category Description
Filter Rows by Values   Remove, Select & Insert Filters rows based on specific terms, data type, or with regex.
Filter Rows by Length   Remove, Select & Insert Only return rows with a specific column range.
Set Row Range   Remove, Select & Insert Remove specific rows based on the line number.
Set Column Range   Remove, Select & Insert Specify a column range to keep.
Remove Columns   Remove, Select & Insert Remove/Discard unneeded columns.
Remove Empty Columns   Remove, Select & Insert Automatically removes any columns that contain no data in any rows.
Remove Rows   Remove, Select & Insert Remove specific rows based on the line number.
Keep Table Section   Remove, Select & Insert Provides a way to isolate or keep a section of a table based on beginning and end search terms.
Insert Column   Remove, Select & Insert Used for inserting an empty column - works well with copying or fill column filters.
Split Columns   Split, Merge & Transpose Split column allows for automatic, keyword, word, or character-based splitting.
Merge Columns
  Split, Merge & Transpose For joining one or more columns together into a single column.
Calculate a New Column
  Split, Merge & Transpose Performs mathematical functions across columns (horizontal) and creates a new column with the output.
Transpose Table
  Split, Merge & Transpose Flip a table's columns to rows and vice versa.
Create Single Text Block
  Split, Merge & Transpose Convert the table output to simple text outputs. Useful for results that do not require an array output via webhook.
Identify Subsections
  Split, Merge & Transpose Used to isolate subsections of nested tables.
Group & Merge Rows
  Split, Merge & Transpose Groups data spanning multiple rows together based on the line structure.
Name Column Headers
  Split, Merge & Transpose Allows for the option of naming columns for tabular outputs.
Search & Replace   Refine Cell Values Search and replace simple text terms or using regex across one or all columns.
Change Capitalization Refine Cell Values Allows for Capitalized Case, all lower or all UPPER.
Format Dates
  Refine Cell Values Provides the option to convert dates into different formats.
Format Numbers Refine Cell Values Format numbers to manage decimals, thousand separators, and strip currency symbols.
Find pattern Matches   Refine Cell Values Return data matching a regular expression.
Copy & Move Cell Content   Refine Cell Values Copies or exchanges cell content across columns with prepending, appending or replacing entirely.
Fill Cells With ...   Refine Cell Values Add or set the text of a cell at the beginning or end of pre-existing data.
Fill Empty Cells With ...   Refine Cell Values Set empty cells to a static value or the value of the previous row.
Fill Cells With Row-Numbers Refine Cell Values Replaces a column with row numbers.
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