How to remove forwarded messages from emails

To remove any forwarded messages from your emails you can use the filter for Remove Forwarded Message. This can be found under Refine Parsed Results > Remove Forwarded Message

This filter will remove those sections within the parsed results if the following lines appear in the body consecutively :

  1. A line that starts with ---------- Forwarded message ---------
  2. A line that starts with From:
  3. A line that starts with Date:
  4. A line that starts with Subject:
  5. A line that starts with To:

If all these lines are present in an email, then all 5 lines will be removed from the email results  Note that if the email has been forwarded multiple times, then all of the occurrences of Forwarded Message Lines will be detected and removed from the results.

As a result after adding this filter your email will only show the most recent response in the forwarded messages. Below is an example of how this would appear within the parsing rule editor

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