How to create a Microsoft Excel Integration

To create an integration to send your parsed data directly to a Microsoft Excel Integration each time a new email arrives just follow the steps below.

  1. Create your parsing rules. Establish all the data points you want to appear within your Microsoft Excel Integration and create each parsing rule to extract those data points. (If you haven't yet done this you can reference this article to get started)
  2. Create a new Microsoft Excel Integration within your Microsoft Account and populate the first row with column names. This step is important as the first row within your Microsoft Excel Integration will be brought into the Mailparser integration to match your parsing rules.

  3. Select “Integrations” from the left navigation inside the Mailparser app click on "Add New Integration" and select Microsoft Excel Integration
  4. You will then need to connect your Microsoft Excel Integration - Select "Your Microsoft Account > Add Account" This will redirect you to log in via Microsoft to your account where your Microsoft Excel Integration is located. 

  5. Once you select the account and choose your newly created Microsoft Excel Integration, you will be provided “Field Mapping”, where you will select the parsing rules/columns from the data you extracted, and map it to the names of the columns within your Microsoft Excel Integration from Step 2

    Click “Save & Test”, then “Send Test Data” again on the next prompt after the mapping is properly completed
  6.  You should then see a message that confirms the integration worked correctly - you can take a look at the test data on the spreadsheet to make sure of this. Once you confirm that just be sure to activate the integration by selecting "Activate" on the webhook from the Integrations tab.

That's it! Now every time a new email is received in your Mailparser inbox the data will automatically add to your Microsoft Excel Integration.

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