How to extract data from XML Attachments

Parsing XML data from email attachments is simple.  All you need to do is to set the source of your parsing rule to "Attachments".

Then choose "Text content (Table Cells)" in the first filter.  (If your email has multiple attachments you may also need to use the option to Filter by type or Filter by name pattern)This will give you all the XML data in a table format with rows and columns. You can then add different cell filters to select, crop, search, and split cells. For example, you can add a filter "Only keep rows where column 1 is an integer number".

If you prefer you can also choose to parse the XML data from text format - this will show the file with the nodes and elements included.

This can then  be parsed how you would prefer, including our filter for Extract Tabular Data >Parse XML Data

If you have any trouble using this feature email or chat with us!

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